Pot Shelves Mishmash


When Rick and I first moved here, I immediately loved all the pot shelves in the great room. However, I could not visualize how I could decorate them. Enter Daughter Kathy, who is blessed with artistic foresight and decorating ability far beyond my capabilities. I spread out all the items for her to see, and she came up with the greatest mishmash decorating scheme ever!

I haven’t changed a thing in the almost-8 years we’ve lived here because I can’t imagine them any other way. So here’s a peek into my kitchen.

As you can see, Rick and I love cobalt blue and have collected these pieces for years. The pedestal dish shown in the bottom left photo was Rick’s Mom’s and kind of started us on our quest for more cobalt glass. When we lived in California, we used to camp at the coast at least once a month. And on each of those trips we visited a thrift or antique store in search of even more cobalt glass items. Fun and precious times…

A Spicy Life


One of the really great things I appreciate in my kitchen is my spice drawer. When we first bought our home, I realized I had the blessing of many kitchen drawers so I immediately decided to dedicate one of them to store my spices.

I know this isn’t really a treasure the way we might normally think of that word, but its location in the island is right at the place I do most of the work in mixing and putting my recipes together. It is right next to the stove as well.

So, to me, this drawer has proven to be a real treasure because of its convenient location. I know it looks like a hodgepodge of stuff, but it’s pretty much alphabetically organized and I can find what I’m looking for very quickly. Here’s a little closeup:

Out of sight but within easy reach. Now that’s the kind of kitchen organization I like!

Kitchen Woes


This sweet sign hangs on one of my kitchen cupboards. I guess I could have bought the typical “Home Sweet Home” one but this better reflects my strange sense of humor.

Maybe I need to look for one that says “My kitchen is messy because the cleaning fairy hasn’t been here today”… that would be more appropriate and funny too. I try to keep a clean kitchen but you can tell the kind of day I had if my sink is filled with dishes, glasses and mugs filled with water. Case in point:

This sinkful doesn’t look really awful but I took this photo around mid-day yesterday. You should see it now!

I am riding the crest of one of the worst CFIDS flareups ever. CFIDS stands for Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome; sometimes it is called CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). A flareup feels like the most horrible case of the flu you can imagine—as if a semi is driving back and forth many times over my battered body. And in my case, these flares also include vicious migraines.

I like to have things around the house straightened up and put away, so this picture clearly tells my week’s story. Sadly, it doesn’t feel as if this flareup will end any too soon.

At least I take the time to fill everything with water so it’s not such a bad final cleanup… really!

“So do you know when the maid’s coming because it’s getting a little messy.” —Spencer Pratt

Sweet and Pink

I am still in my jammies as I write this. I overdid things a bit this week so today is a complete rest day for me. I have learned that staying in my jammies makes me more aware of my need to rest and keeps me from going out for anything—even the mail.

However, I still have something special to share for Sweet Saturday. The other day at the grocery store I saw these dish towels and just knew they would really perk up my kitchen:

Aren’t they cute? They help me remember that spring is coming soon, and that’s a good thing when it’s so cold outside.

Sweet Saturday and Pink Stuff combined! What’s not to like about that?