Blue Mishmash


You all know what a sucker I am for anything pink. However, there are many other colors equally worthy of consideration, so on this Mishmash Monday I give you… blue!

Froggie Mishmash


It’s a FROG invasion!

Not really. This is actually my hubby’s and my collection of frogs. We started collecting them several years ago because they’re so quirky and cute but also because the acronym FROG means:





So on this Mishmash Monday I thought I’d share our froggie obsession with you. Here they are, in no particular order.

And there you have it—our FROG collection to date. Stay tuned though. One never knows when another one will somehow hop into our house and I’ll just have to share it with you!

Mother’s Day Mishmash


Since yesterday was Mother’s Day, I thought a Mother’s Day Mishmash would be fun and special for me to do and for you to view. Enjoy!

Mishmash Bus


Is this a crazy bus or what? I saw this online awhile back and couldn’t resist sharing it with you. It’s perfect for a Mishmash Monday, don’t you think?

Obviously it’s very impractical and must have taken a long time and many hands to put together. But what a great way to use those yarn leftovers from different projects. And it’s such a fun way to jazz up a plain old bus!

I think I’d smile from happiness every time I got into it, just for the sheer joy of seeing all the mishmashed colors and patterns.

Happiness makes a person smile…

—Proverbs 15:13a

Spring Mishmash


Today is the last Monday in April and coincidentally the last day of my Spring image selections. So on this Mishmash Monday, I present to you a mishmash of Spring flower images. Enjoy!

Pink Mishmash


Here’s a mishmash of pink photos/images for your pink mishmash viewing enjoyment. I like this idea so much that you can look forward to future mishmashes of other colors. I know, I’ve said many times that I’m a pink girl. But I guess I have to admit that there are other colors, and since that’s true, I guess I need to pay them some sort of attention too!

Mishmash Thoughts

On this Mishmash Monday I’d like to share a mishmash of random thoughts with you. So here they are, in no particular order:

  • Where did the word mishmash come from anyway?

  • Would someone please explain why it is that when I’m sleeping I have to kick my covers off because I’m too hot, yet when I get up I need to wear several layers to stay warm?

  • How can something be consistently random?

  • What is an original copy?

  • Can something truly be both serious and funny—as in seriously funny?

  • Why is an aircraft black box painted orange?

  • How come it feels like I’m just in the way when I’m doing the speed limit?

  • And finally, is there really such a thing as a sad smiley? I mean, aren’t they either smiling or sad?

Out and About


Today’s mishmash is a collage of photos from places Rick and I have visited. Enjoy the tour!



It just happens that we collect frog stuff around here, and I came across the F.R.O.G. saying a couple of years ago. I think this post is appropriate for today’s Mishmash Monday just because I can’t think of any specific place to show it.

And besides, I think it’s also the perfect way for me to remember to F.R.O.G. daily!