Crochet Tidbits

tidbit tuesdayToday I want to share some photos of some recent crochet projects.

Crock Pot Carrier

Isn’t this an odd-looking thing? The inspiration came from a pattern to make a carrier for a covered casserole. I tweaked it a bit so that it would fit my little crock pot. My Rick came up with the idea to include an extra set of handles to keep the lid in place. Isn’t he clever?

I tried it out recently and am very happy to say that it worked out just the way I planned. These small crock pots are different from the large ones because the outer shell does not have the carrying handles; the crock itself does. And boy howdy do those handles get hot! It is very difficult to carry the thing when it is hot, which is why I was going to look online for something to buy but not necessary because I really ♥ the way this turned out!

I used cotton yarn and made the bottom quadruple thick, meaning I made 2 circles for the bottom using 2 strands of the yarn for each circle. It is very thick and very sturdy.

Gift Bags

This is an ongoing project that I am absolutely crazy about! I take horrible pics, so please forgive the obvious amateur look of these. The ongoing part of it? I am going to keep on making these cute gift bags to use instead of paper whenever possible!

Tartan Plaid!


This last one is a pattern photo for an afghan I am making for myself. I HEART plaid, especially this particular tartan. It is called a Holiday Tartan Afghan, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make it for me! And forget about displaying and using it only during the Christmas season, this gal is going to have it out and ready to use every day!

It will take me the better part of this year to make it, though, because I’m working on it in between other projects, including more wheelchair lapghans (some with matching bags to secure to one of the arms) and a couple of Christmas projects for some very special people for Christmas 2014.



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Ah, coffee!

tidbit tuesday

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve shared a tidbit or two about me, but I’m taking care of that right now.

It is no secret that I’ve always liked coffee. When we were quite young and wanted to have coffee like the grownups, my Mom would make a concoction that was mostly steamed milk with a little coffee in it. My sisters and I, however, felt much more mature when we were having our coffee drink.

I-Need-CoffeeNow it takes a couple of cups to get this motor running. I just am not myself first thing in the morning, mostly because I wake up with a migraine about every single day. Some coffee and Excedrin® usually work within an hour or two, and then I am much better company!

My Dad started drinking his coffee black many years ago and still does. I can recall my Mom watching me doctor my coffee with creamer and sweetener and asking me many times, “So, you still drink it with all that stuff in it?” And I would always reply, “Yes, Mom, I still do. I can’t imagine drinking it black, yuk!”

Fast forward many years and now you’ll find me drinking it black—no cream—because of a dairy allergy. And I don’t even use sugar or a sweetener, because that cup of black coffee somehow doesn’t seem to taste as good that way.

I never, ever, ever, ever… imagined I would not only be drinking my coffee black but enjoying it that way!

Family Tidbits

Tidbit Tuesday

Mother’s Day 2013

Enjoying Mother’s Day with Kathy and Alan

Loved the gift of these gorgeous pink tulips!

I’ll never get enough of being around these two!  ♥ They turned out so great in spite of me and I’ll always be thankful to God for them in my life!


The Amazing Grand Canyon

Tidbit Tuesday

Since 2004, Rick and I have lived in northern Arizona, about 115 miles away from the Grand Canyon. Of course we’ve visited there several times and taken visiting friends and family there too. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the beauty of this place in case you’ve never been there.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour!


Road Trip!

Tidbit Tuesday

I know this is supposed to be a tidbit of information you may not know about me but if you don’t know this yet, I seem to need a lot of words to describe certain things. So please excuse this slightly l-o-n-g way to share a little tidbit about me. pink_smiley_face_large

Years ago I needed to get away for awhile so I decided that a road trip was in order. I started out in Phoenix and drove north through Las Vegas and up to Lake Tahoe, then decided to drive down California Highway 1—also known as PCH (Pacific Coast Highway)—on my trek homeward. I did not take any photos of that trip for some reason, but I found a couple of images online to give you an idea of my trip.

northern Pacific Coast Highway

The switchbacks in northern California were amazing and probably the second favorite part of my trip (the ocean being the best). I actually wore out a complete set of tires during this drive because that zigzaggy portion of PCH were too tempting for me to drive at a sensible rate of speed!

CA Hwy 1

This was the only time in my life when I took a solo trip. I needed some space and time away from my “normal” life to pray and contemplate several tough things I had gone through the previous year.

When I got to Monterey, I decided to stay a few days to really think things through and spent lots of time on the beach. There is just something about the waves and tide, and the ever-present birds, that instill such a calm and peace.


And that’s my little tidbit for this Tuesday. Oh, let me just add that in spite of the solitude of my journey, it was a very refreshing time for me. God filled back up the empty and hurting places in my heart, and although I don’t think I’d ever care to do this again, it was exactly enough for me at that time.

Do not call to mind the former things,
Or ponder things of the past.
Behold, I will do something new,
Now it will spring forth;
Will you not be aware of it?
I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,
Rivers in the desert. —Isaiah 43:18-19

Beloved, have you ever had the opportunity to get away for a time of refreshment?