More Pinkness!

I thought today called for a little more pinkness, so I found this gorgeous tulip bouquet on Pinterest.

Isn’t it beautiful?





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A Bit of Pinkness

I realized the other day that I haven’t shared any pinkness with you lately, so today’s the day! I love this little Teddy bear with the pretty tulips, but I have an even better tulip image for you.

Aren’t they gorgeous? When we round the corner from February to March, I always start thinking about tulips. Even though they don’t have an aroma, they are still my favorite flowers. Something about them makes me feel hopeful!

What about you, Beloved? What is your favorite flower?




The advertising which may appear below is not placed by the author and is not to be considered as a part of this post or an expression of my views.

Tulip Mishmash

mish mash

Since it is almost officially Spring, my mind has been on tulips, my favorite flower. And since I am a pink girl, most of these mishmash photos are of pink tulips! A couple of these images are of tulip bouquets I have enjoyed in my own home. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Tuesday Treasure


During the next week or so, I’m going to be resting as much as possible because of some ongoing health issues. I don’t want to ignore my blog, so in an effort to not tax myself too much, I’ve decided that the rest of April will be dedicated to thoughts and images of spring. I’m doing these up ahead of time and these posts will be short but enjoyable I hope!

I love the fact that I can make these up early and schedule them to be published on a certain day. It might be stretching things a bit but I consider that to be a treasure to me today.

Here’s the first. Can’t you just picture yourself strolling through this gorgeous park?

Here with you all in spirit even if I can’t be here in person right now…

Happy Spring!


This first day of Spring this year is also Treasure Tuesday around here. Because we received quite a bit of snow over the past couple of days, I think it’s even more important to celebrate the official arrival of Spring.

Here’s what it looked like here yesterday. It’s hard to see much because of the falling and wind-driven snow, but this is the view from our back patio looking to the northeast. Normally we can see the San Francisco Peaks but …ahem … all the snow coming down blocked that beautiful view.

And now from my eternally optimistic side, here are a couple of peeks at my first fresh tulips of the season. This treasure bouquet reflects my love of tulips and things pink!




Tulip season

Anyone who knows me well knows that tulips are my favorite flower. I used to enjoy Autumn the best of all the seasons but now Spring is my favorite, probably because of the gorgeous tulips.

So on this Thankful Thursday, I just want to say how thankful I am for such a beautiful flower. And then, allow me to simply share this gorgeous photo with you. I can’t wait to get some fresh tulips in my home!

Love Heart 15


Rick gave me this wonderful and gorgeous handcrafted glass tulip bouquet for Valentine’s Day. The flowers almost look heart-shaped, so I decided to share this with you as one of this month’s Love Hearts.

Tulips are my absolute favorite flower, even though they have no fragrance. Something about them always brings a smile to my face and makes me feel happy … purely happy!

I thank God everyday for giving Rick to me as a husband. He shows me daily in so many little ways that he loves and cherishes me!