Joy and Laughter

Wonderful Wednesday

Joy and Laughter

Surely God does not reject a blameless man or strengthen the
hands of evildoers. He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
and your lips with shouts of joy. —Job 8:21

I’d like to talk today about chronic illness because it is my life these days. So why would I think of it in terms of joy and laughter? I mean, there is nothing about chronic illness to laugh about. Or is there?

The other day I got my vitamins mixed up. I tried to swallow my chewable Vitamin C tablet and chew my coated multiple
vitamin. Yuck! The Vitamin C refused to go down my throat, even with lots of water; the cracked multivitamin released its bitter taste. Double whammy! I had inadvertently confused the one for the other.

Even though the taste was nasty, I just had to laugh at how I mixed things up. The problem is that these kinds of mistakes occur almost everyday. If I’m not seasoning my food with pepper instead of salt, I’m confused by the huge variety of groceries at the store and end up buying something I don’t need or can’t eat. This has only gotten worse now that I have to read all labels to avoid the many ingredients that are allergens for me.

And what can I say about the time I wore different-colored shoes to church? different-color-shoesNo, this isn’t a photo of my feet but I did about the same thing: wore two shoes exactly alike except for the color. Well, it was an easy mistake because it was dark in the closet and the two pairs were right next to each other. My apparent choice of colors? Black and navy blue, so it’s obvious why I got confused. Right?

I can either lament these occurrences or laugh them away. I admit that it’s sometimes hard to laugh at yet another memory lapse, but in the long run it is a better response. I don’t believe God wants us to feel sorry for ourselves or bemoan our circumstances. He wants us to rejoice in Him and trust that He’s there to take care of us, no matter how much we hurt or forget things.

In this particular Scripture passage,one of Job’s friends is trying to remind him that God has not forgotten him. His words are meant to encourage and uplift Job in the midst of his circumstances. Job had the security of knowing that he could trust God, and so can we.

Snoopy-LOLI wish I could say I’ve gotten better at laughing these things off, but to keep it real for you I have to admit that I’m not as good at that as I believe God wants me to be. This morning I accidentally knocked a jar off the counter and rather than getting angry at myself over my clumsiness, I just stared at the mess on the floor and shrugged. Then I went to get the mop and dustpan to do damage control. Although I didn’t laugh at what I did, I didn’t stress or get angry and frustrated over it. That’s a big step for me, because about this particular part of my life, I am apparently still a work in progress.

So what’s the wonderful part of this? That God still loves this pathetic work-in-progress. And that He is always so close to me that anytime I need help with my attitude, all I need to do is ask Him.

How about you, Beloved? How do you handle frustrating situations?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, there are so many times when I’m tempted to complain and whine about what I can no longer do or how I mix things up. Help me to always remember that nothing happens that You and I can’t handle together. And remind me to grab on to my sense of humor during these times. Amen.



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